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Sister's Corner


The Desert Flower is a term used by the nuns in referring to their retreat experience...

MY STORY - June 2023 Retreat

"I'm really thankful for the opportunity to have a break, rest, silence and solitude in the middle of so many activities and preparations. Despite my solitude, the energy of the community still penetrates my stillness. I prayed most fervently for you all.

"During my retreat, I have a little book about the Eucharist that taught me that I do more by attending Mass or spending time before the Blessed Sacrament, but also to bring with me wherever I may be the Jesus in me.
"This is my first time to have John of the Cross as a companion in my personal retreat. What struck me the most, through him, is that we are part of a cycle of life, of God's creation. If I am a part of God's creation and we are all part of it, I believe that it should be lived out meaningfully and deeply here in Carmel with you all through a gradual deepening of my relationship with God and with you all, my sisters. All these with the grace of God."



"Be a witness to each other especially to the young and old."

"Learn from the young and the old."

"Sign of growth in community: Dialogue and being honest to each other."

"Self-acceptance of both the good and the bad in me."

"Treat each other as a child of God. Each person is redeemed and can be healed and divinized."

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