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Glasses and Notebook


Chapel 02 - Front View with Bellfry on the Side_edited.jpg

As the time passed, the two good Fathers gave us their blessing and left us

promising to return in the afternoon. Reverend Father Mansfeld took upon himself the disagreeable care of getting our baggage from the boat, which was not a small matter with the difficulties of the Custom House. And then, we found ourselves alone, congratulating each other and making joyfully the inventory of the house which was not long...

Already our Reverend Mother organized the house, when the arrival of Sister Antoine (SPC) interrupted this occupation. Ah! because it was already noon and her loving heart told her that the little doves of Carmel had nothing in their dovecot. So it was a full meal that she brought with her, nothing was lacking. Dear Sister Antoine, she was in truth wholly devoted to us. Before our arrival, how much trouble she took to clean the walls, floors, the staircase, and thus to give to the house a little atmosphere of cleanliness; she knew every little nook and also all its destitution. Thus we took our first meal with a cheerful heart and a real appetite. In the afternoon Mgr. Byrne arrived with several boys carrying plants, candlesticks and all the necessary things for the altar. Little by little our baggage was also coming, so that there was much animation and disorder.

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