The Rule of Life

Saint Albert of Jerusalem

Bishop and Lawgiver of Carmel

Albert Avogadro was born about 1150 A.D. at  Castel Gualtieri, Italy.  He entered the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross at Mortara and was elected Prior in 1180.  He became Bishop of Bobbio in 1184, and of Vercelli the following year, and in 1205 was made Patriarch of Jerusalem.  In all these offices he was a model pastor in word and example, and he contributed greatly to the establishment of peace.  During his patriarchate (1205-1214) he formed the hermit brothers of Mount Carmel into a collegium and wrote a rule for them.  He was murdered on 14 September 1214 by the Master of the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, whom he had rebuked and deposed for immorality.

Feastday:   September 17


Carmelite Formula of Life

a)  To live in allegiance to Christ by serving him faithfully with a pure heart and an upright conscience, by placing our sole hope of salvation in him, and by paying him obedience, in the person of the Prior, in a spirit of faith;

b)  To remain in one's cell, meditating day and night on the law of the Lord, and fortifying the spirit with holy thoughts, so that the word of God may abound on our lips and in our hearts, and everything be done in the word of the Lord;

c)  To celebrate everyday in community the Eucharist and the Prayer of the Church;

d)  To practice evangelical asceticism and to be clothed with the divine armor in order to live devotedly in Christ; to imitate the Apostle Paul in generous application to work; and to practice constant mortification with prudence which is the guide of the virtues;

e)  To establish a communion of life that is sustained by familiar relations, by the charity of mutual correction, by the common possession of foods and by mutual spiritual solicitude under the guidance of the Prior who is placed at the head of the community to serve it;

f)  Above all, to promote unceasing prayer in solitude, silence, and in a spirit of evangelical vigilance.


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