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The Birth of Jaro Carmel

"Carmel in the Philippines has a truly beautiful and inspiring history. The story of how St. Teresa's nuns first came to our country is a heart-stirring tale of deep sacrificial love. We are Teresa's Filipina daughters and each of us is invited to go back prayerfully to our roots. We are assured that the journey is worth taking and that the discoveries to be made will be both priceless and warming." (Source: The Roots)

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"What will be the titular of the Carmel of Jaro-Iloilo? ... Perhaps you might like to entrust it to the dear Lady of Mount Carmel who has already given you the first promise." - Sr. Aimee of Mary (Hue)



"Now the dear Little Saint heard my conditions and she granted my request, so I then began to have the devotion to her which seems to increase each year." - Bishop James Paul McCloskey

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