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My Testimony... Part 1

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Testimony of Sr. Azucena Marie, OCD

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

July 16, 2015

Year of Consecrated Life

Good morning!

I dare to stand before you today to give testimony of the Lord’s faithful love and the enduring, loving presence of Our lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am Sr. Azucena Marie Ong. I belong to the community of Carmelite Sisters in this Monastery, but I am not bound to Papal Enclosure because I am an extern Sister. I share the same spirituality with the Enclosed Nuns but I am especially devoted to the external service of the Monastery which cannot be performed by the Enclosed Nuns. I find joy in serving others, in serving my community, and at the same time, I could sit quietly at the Lord’s feet and listen to His words, like Martha and Mary merge into one. If Mary has chosen the better portion while sitting at the Lord’s feet, and Martha was busy with serving the Lord, how would it be like if I choose to be both. Isn’t it the best portion which I should not be deprived of? The silence and solitude of Carmel is also mine to enjoy when there is no exterior duty to attend to.

Before I entered in this Monastery I was aware that Carmel is a powerhouse of prayer. It is where the Nuns meditate day and night on the Law of the Lord, praying and offering sacrifices and oblation for the Church, for priests and for the salvation of souls. But I learned and was made to understand that in Carmel there are no limits to prayer. . . as long as one is present to God it is enough – because a Carmelite depends on God alone. It is the experience of God, direct and intimate, that zeal for the salvation of soul originates and through it also, the apostolic and missionary fervor overflows.

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