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My Testimony... Part 3


I was plunged into the wilderness of Carmel. Life was never easy. The journey, indeed, was sometimes beyond my capacity to bear. I was not accustomed to the hardship, the rigor and monotony of life. It was an exodus from a soft bed to a hard one; from sumptuous foods to strange menu that I have tasted for the first time; from the sweet scented and comfortable fabrics I wear to a rough and uncomfortable religious habit, and many more. . . Then one afternoon, I was informed that our house was in flames, nothing was left except the precious lives of my family. Many times during prayer I asked the Lord if I could last for another month. And then, when the night was too dark, God spoke tenderly to my heart. It was all worth the price: to feel the love of God, to be assured of His presence, what more can I ask? He became my rock!

My Papa was not a Christian but my mother was a pious catholic.She made sure her children were baptised in the Catholic Church.Papa had a great respect and love for her that he allowed her and all their children to practice the faith.Mama died when I was 2 years old. I did not grow up with a mother’s presence in the house.Since I am the youngest and the apple of my family’s eyes, I was filled with loving attention.St. Teresa was 12 years old and St. Therese was 4 years old when their mothers died.But they were not wanting with a mother’s love and care because they found a mother in the Blessed Virgin Mary.Knowing this, I did the same.I entrust myself to Mary’s protection and guidance.Sure, indeed, in her own discreet way, Mary holds me by the hand.How did I realize she was there for me?

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