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Sister's Corner


A pilgrimage...

Thank you very much to our pilgrims...

During the last days of July, we have a big group of Youth and Neo-catechumenate pilgrims coming from Binondo, Catanduanes and Samar. It was an edifying experience to see varying age groups coming together, journeying together and guiding each other with the aim of getting in touch with their vocation and experiencing God in their midst.

     Here in Jaro Carmel, it started with a little orientation in the chapel about our history, Life as an enclosed sister and being a pilgrimage site. We showed them our video about how we are founded and how we live our life on a daily basis. After that is an experience of interaction with the rest of the community at the parlour. (Note: A parlour is otherwise known as a sitting room where guests are received. Since we are contemplatives, our parlour has grille-separation.) 

     Before leaving, we invited them to visit the exhibit area where they can look at some of the artifacts and to pray before the Pilgrim Cross to receive Indulgence and other graces/miracles they need, God willing.

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