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St.Therese arrives in Jaro Carmel

A look back…

The day before the relics of St. Therese came to Jaro Carmel, the nuns decided to practice in their Chapel. It was so because they want to welcome their saint-sister and it was advised that maybe the relics would come a bit earlier.

“There might not be people to welcome St. Therese at 5 AM. We should be open to the possibility that it would just be us who would welcome our dear Little Flower to her Carmel,” said a sister.

And so the nuns practiced in their chapel. It was agreed that they would stand at the sides of the platform for the relics singing the Mantra of St. Therese.

“But, Mother, we would be dislodged from our position when the relics would come because it is bulky and the Officers would be needing more leg room,” said a sister to the Mother Prioress.

And so the nuns changed their welcome position to standing in the center aisles of the Chapel. After the welcome, the nuns practiced the Opening Rites and the Chaplet of St. Therese.

“But, Mother, what if the Chapel is wide open already? Maybe our voices cannot be heard,” said one sister.

“Sister, it would just be us anyway. It won’t matter,” Mother Prioress replied. “But to be sure, all of you should go to the Choir Loft where the other microphones were except the sister who would lead in the chaplet.”

It was a smooth practice and everybody was at peace with it. But the Lord has a different plan. While the sisters were midway in praying their Lauds which they adjusted already at 4:30 AM, the relics of St. Therese arrived (est 4:50 AM). By the time they arrived to welcome their saint-sister, St. Therese’ relic was well in place already.

“Oh, she’s here ahead of us,” said one sister.

“Sisters, we would still continue with what we practiced. Go to each side of her, and welcome her by singing the Mantra,” said the Prioress.

And so the sisters continued with the itinerary with the crowd slowly gathering at their chapel’s pews.


Some things don’t happen exactly as planned. As some would say, “Man proposes but God disposes.” What is more important is the flexibility to adapt to sudden changes with openness and joy in one’s heart.

Here are some excerpts in the homily:

“Last November 9, 2022, Jaro Carmel was declared a pilgrimage site. As such, pilgrims can receive partial indulgence by praying for Pope Francis’ intentions, one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, and has fulfilled the other conditions (Mass and confession).”

“St. Therese visited her Jaro Carmel sisters.”

“St. Therese desires to go to the Far East, to Hanoi to pray. Her life gives us hope, a sense of purpose.”

“In the midst of humanity, a nun lived an extraordinary holiness. At this time of Lent, let us follow the Little Way to protect us from the wiles of the world. May the centennial blessings of St. Therese and Jaro Carmel be upon us through the prayers of the saints especially St. Therese."

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