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Sr. Agnes of the Assumption


Anna Elizabeth Hölzer

June 30, 1875 – November 12, 1941

Anna Elizabeth Hölzer was born in Barmeu, Germany. At 20 she joined the Poor Clares but before profession she left for the Missionary Congregation of Benedictines at Tutzing, Bavaria and was given the name of Sr. M. Ferdinanda. At 30 she left for the Philippines and became foundress and first prioress of St. Scholastica’s College. For years she desired to be a contemplative and when the French Carmelite Foundresses arrived in Manila she joined them on their way to Iloilo, after a series of exchanges with Bishop McGinley and Mother Aimee. She received the habit on November 21, 1923 and was given the name Sister Agnes of the Assumption, the name she asked to have. She had her perpetual profession on Nov. 22, 1924. She was a great lover of the Liturgy. Being an excellent teacher, it greatly helped her in dealing with the young and the old members of the community. She also acted as interpreter for the French sisters and for the community when language barrier became a difficulty, so much so that she was indispensable to the Mother Prioress during the first months of the foundation - meeting with the visitors and writing letters. She left with Mother Theresa to Manila for the first foundation but returned to Jaro eight months after. She suffered much from the heat, several accidents and acute anemia. Her longing was to die of love, to suffer for poor sinners, priests and the whole Church. She was God’s instrument in the foundation of Jaro Carmel and she gave her whole self to it. On her deathbed she thanked the sisters for having admitted her eighteen (18) years ago.

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