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An Advent Reflection (2nd Week)

"Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths."

Jaro Carmel has gone a long way - a hundred ways, but she has not arrived yet. Her destination is a long way to go. And therefore, there is a need to be constantly aware of the paths ahead. Carmel's light must continue to shine in order to prepare well the way of the Lord. But there is no better light than the light that comes from within - the light that is lived at every moment. It is the same light that continuously burns in the heart of the one who enters into the depths of silent prayer.

And so let us give space to silence as we prepare the way of the Lord to enter into our hearts. He alone has the light that never fades.


John of the Cross is a Carmelite priest, mystic and Doctor of the Church. At such a young age, he lost his father that plunged his family into dire poverty. He witnessed the death of an older brother of malnutrition and saw his mother work as a weaver. But despite the difficulties of his family, he did not become embittered. Instead he developed the gifts of detachment, love of God, love of the cross and sincere service to others especially the sick and the dying. For him, Jesus is his ALL. May we imitate John's life and teachings as a way of preparing the way of the Lord - that Jesus may be our ALL.

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