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A Christmas Reflection

I have my own moments of busy life: taking care of our sick even attending to their needs when they are confined in the hospital, putting things in order in our little kitchen, washing linen, cleaning areas assigned to me or doing some acts of charity for my sisters. All these can take a great portion of my precious time. And yet I know there is a quiet place somewhere in the inner sanctuary of my heart, where I can spend peaceful time with Jesus, Mary and Joseph - a little Bethlehem where I am able to draw strength and courage so that I can give the best of myself. All I need to do is to open the door of quiet contentment and thankfulness and sure enough peace and joy flow from the loving gaze of my God.

I pray that today, you too may respond with full trust to the invitation of the season: Jesus is born for us, let us adore Him!


Our hearts are filled with gratitude to all those who have shown love and support during our moment of sorrow. We assure you of prayers for you and all your loved ones.

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