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4th Centenary of the Death of St. Teresa

January 12, 1982 is the launching of the 4th Centenary of the death of St. Teresa in the Archdiocese of Jaro that started with a mass presided by the Auxiliary Bishop Alberto Piamonte, concelebrated by 76 priests and attended by many religious sisters from different congregations. It was the first time that the Mass was held inside the Enclosure. Apart from the priests, some religious sisters were allowed inside where they can see tour the monastery ground and see the exhibits.

Mass was held at the patio (Refectory side)

Religious sisters and priests interact with one another

March 12,1981, as the Chapter Sisters (Carmelite) were preparing for the 400th death anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila, they decided to build a center of prayer in her honor. The purpose of the project was to provide the people from different walks of life a place where they can have retreat or an intimate encounter with the Lord in silence and prayer. The ground breaking ceremony and laying of the cornerstone was held on March 12, 1982 – the anniversary of the Canonization of St. Teresa. Soon after, the actual construction began on May 10, 1982. Read also Teresa and Prayer article

Laying of cornerstone

Construction phase

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