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The Vows

Consecrated Chastity

Through consecrated chastity, the Discalced Carmelite Nuns witness to that love which always gives first place to Christ their Divine Spouse who gave his life for them. 
They fix their hearts on him, for they are called to live with him and they receive every good thing from him.


The nuns are among the Lord's poor who, like Mary, look hopefully to God for everything.  In the spontaneity and simplicity of their sisterly relations and in their life style, they will advance in that liberty from exterior things which does not seek human sources of security; they will progress in that self-denial which prepares them for contemplative encounter with God.


By the vow of obedience they imitate Christ who came into the world in order to do the will of the Father and who made himself obedient unto death on a cross.
Following Christ's example, they offer to God the full dedication of their will as a self-sacrifice.  They thereby unite themselves more intently to the salvific will of the Father.
The sisters regard the superiors as God's representatives, and place all their resources of mind and will and all their gifts of nature and grace under the superior's guidance and at the service of others.  In that way they will do their part in building up together the Body of Christ according to God's designs.