His rich  interior life was nurtured and nourished by the exterior poverty, and the sufferings he experienced in life guided by his tremendous love for God and for the Cross.

For St. John of the Cross, only one thing is necessary.  Detachment in all things through absolute attachment to Christ.  St. John of the Cross speaks to us in his poems of the beauty of God and God's desire to live in us, he speaks of the spiritual journey as climbing the mountain of life.  Whatever may be the mountain of our life or how dark may be our night, we may see the path leading to the summit.

He has written 12 poems and 3 short collections;  The Sayings of Light and Love, The Precautions and his Letters in preparation for his 4 Great Works: 

1.  The Ascent of Mount Carmel

2. The Dark Night

3.  The Spiritual Canticle

4.  The Living Flame of Love


The Ascent of Mount Carmel

Human beings along the paths of transformation:  John speaks of us human beings with respect and love; and at the same time offers both a plan of escape from this life of slavery into a life in keeping with who we are as children of God.


It speaks of the increasing communion of love between the soul and Christ, the Bridegroom; a long road of searching and finding.



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